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Ok, so assuming everyone's seen GOF by now what did you all think of it?

Best film yet?
Worst film yet?
Best scene?
Worst scene?
Best new character?
Comments on the the acting skills of the trio.
Voldemort/His appearance?
Neville and the spider's scene?
Choppy opening or good adaptation?
Decent ending or cop-out?
Mike Newell for president or Mike Newell to go back to RomCom's?
Ron and Hermione - The Yule Ball scenes?
The 1st task - Comments? What about that dragon, huh?
2nd task - Comments?
3rd task - Comments?
The graveyard scene and the deatheaters in general?
What did you miss from the books that wasn't in the film? (e.g. The Dursleys)
Too long? Too short? Should have made 2 films? Should have been longer with an intermission?
Best acting performance by character ... ?
Portrayal of Beauxbatons?
Portrayal of Durmstrang?
Looking forward to film 5 or just want them to stop ruining the books by making them into films?

What did you think of the trailers for King Kong and Narnia? Good, huh? lol ;p

Leave your answers and a review either in a comm ent or a new post under a livejournal cut. If you don't know how to do a LJ cut you can find out how in FAQ's.

I'll answer this in a comment later on, but I personally loved it as a film, but was slightly annoyed if comparing it to the book - but possibly the best film yet in my opinion.
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