frozenstill (frozenstill) wrote in hpff_authors,

Layout changes...

As you've probably noticed I've made a few changes to the layout as I thought the old one was a bit boring. Tell me what you think as ever. I'm hoping to have a HP wallpaper up as well at some point but I'm still figuring out how to do it, lol.

Comments anyone?


Okay, so a couple of hours later, and I've cracked it! *finaly* We now have a pic of Harry and Draco in the forbidden forest, 1st movie.

I decided on this pic because the main image is to one side so the text doesn't get in the way, and lastly because it's a dark colour so it's easy to read the text if it's white (like it is now!)

Tell me what you think...

I'll change the pic from time to time to keep things fresh, but the style/layout is staying - it took too long to write the code right for me to fiddle around with it anymore! *yawns*
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