frozenstill (frozenstill) wrote in hpff_authors,

Pic Spam...

Here are some icons that I made for Centaursh at HPFF, I'm posting them here because I like them and want to share them. Simple as that really.

Image hosted by

Rowena Ravenclaw.

Image hosted by

Salazar Slytherin.

Image hosted by

Godric Gryffindor.

And some others that I made for myself...

Image hosted by

Ron <3 Hermione

Image hosted by

I AM the Half-Blood Prince... (please ignore the minor typo with the hypon.)

Image hosted by

Harry procrastinating...

Here endeth thy pic spam.
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these are cool, but u seem to be missing someone! oh well, these look really well made!
Thanks! :D Yeah, I'm having trouble finding a pic to represent Hufflepuff :/ Any ideas?